Agust D (Suga) - What do you think? постер

What do you think?

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  • Продолжительность: 03:02
  • Размер: 2.8
  • Качество mp3: 320 kbps
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  • Опубликовано: 22.05.2020

Текст песни Agust D (Suga) - What do you think?

어떻게 생각해 어떻게 생각해

어떻게 생각해 어떻게 생각해

어떻게 생각해 어떻게 생각해

어떻게 생각해 어떻게 생각해

어떻게 생각하던지 난 미안한데 시발 좆도 관심없네

미안 좆도 관심없네 니 인생이 어중간한 것도

니가 망해서 똥통을 벗어나지도 못하는 것도

내 성공이 니 실패와 연관이 있다고 생각하다니

착각이 수준급이군 좆도

개그감들이 So-so 니가 좆된 것은 니 탓이지 no-no?

이 노랠 듣는 ******** 뭐 개빡쳐서 졸도

빠꾸 없이 또 직진 난 전세계 So fly, huh

굳이 하지 않아 난 Flexing but 전세기 so fly, huh

다 해먹어 하나씩 우리가 여태 하듯이

밥풀이 붙었던 것 정돈 신경 안 쓰니

알아서 떨어졌던 것처럼 다 싸그리 Go fu**k yourself, huh

What do you think of it, what do you think of it

What do you think of it, what do you think of it

What do you think of it, what do you think of it

However you think of it, I’m sorry, but shit, I have no fucking interest

Sorry, I have no fuc**ing interest in your middling life

Or the fact that you can’t escape the manure bucket after being ruined

Crazy that you’d think that my success has a connection to your failure

Your delusions are first-rate, fuck you

Your senses of humour are so so; the fact that you’re fuc**ed is your fault, no no?

The ******** who’re listening to this song are so freaking pissed they faint

Without reversing, I’m zooming straight forward once again, I’m global, so fly huh

I have no need to do it, flexing, but I’m on a chartered plane, so fly

Consume it all, each and every thing of ours that we’ve been doing all this time

For I’m not concerned by stray grains of rice that’ve stuck

Just like they’ve fallen off of their own accord, the whole lot of them, go fu**k yourself huh

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