Missy Eliot, Nelly Furtado - Get Your Freak On (Remix) постер

Get Your Freak On (Remix)

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  • Продолжительность: 03:12
  • Размер: 4.49
  • Качество mp3: 320 kbps
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  • Просматривали: 32
  • Опубликовано: 11.06.2021

Текст песни Missy Eliot, Nelly Furtado - Get Your Freak On (Remix)

Come in and I landed [repeated in the background]

She's a freak and I'm a cheif head banger with the top down low

on the flow

cause your so fresh (fresh!) like b-boys with vests like runners'

carved chests ? hehehehe

I run like the breeze to catch this life but sometimes get a

need til I bleed!

There's truth, I go, there's around, I will tell it A story, on the planet

Missy come in and I landed! Well where did she come from?

This international goddess sun so get your hands up like this hun

until the party's just begun! So come over to my house and that's where

this song's from a less for the laugh from west coast version portugese

diva! And Missy's the woman who always be cooking, says somethin'

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